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Better Bank Comparisons UK

In a great many ways the major high banks can appear rather similar. They look the same from the outside, often old buildings that have been in the same ownership for a very long time. Inside the experience can be the same too – a line of counters manned by usually younger staff, smart in their corporate uniforms and bearing the official company smile, and at certain times of the day a longish winding queue all with the same recorded voice irritatingly announcing “Cashier Number Five Please”.

Of course this is the street face of the bank. Increasingly its work is now been done online, with more and more people checking their accounts on their computer screens, and making and receiving payments by BACS. Cheques are almost, and are soon to be completely, a thing of the past.

Many people engage in transactions to and from their account on an almost daily basis yet rarely if ever get to see the actual cash that passes through their accounts, coming in from the employer or the latest successful Ebay sale and heading out through Standing Orders and Direct Debits to the various recipients of one’s regular bill payments.

But irrespective of this automated and somewhat remote environment in which we operate today there remain some tangible differences between the various banks and these need to be weighed up and balanced against one another before we make a decision as to which of them to open and operate an account with.

For a start there is the online banking facility itself. To deal with the obvious question first, does it offer one? If so, how easy is it to use?

Is an overdraft available? What are the charges for an unauthorised overdraft and how flexible or reasonable is the bank when a good customer makes the mistake of going beyond the agreed limit for a few hours? Is a debit card issued and, if so, can it be used in all the Link machines or has the bank gone all precious about where its own cards may be inserted?

How good, or not so good, is the bank’s customer service, both at the branch and on the end of a telephone? What are the charges and fees that lie in the small print?

All of these factors need to be balanced against one another. It is helpful therefore to have the benefit of bank comparison UK online services so that one may interrogate the small print and thereafter decide which is best for our own specific requirements.

Bank comparison UK sites offer a wealth of information that enables us to make an informed decision based wholly upon our own service priorities. Start your own UK bank comparison using the above websites and find the best UK bank account for your requirements today.