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There are so many mobile phone deals on the market today how do you know which phone deal is best for you? Firstly, do you require a Pay as You Go phone (PAYG) or a monthly contract phone? A PAYG means you don’t have any monthly commitment, so if you don’t use your phone much then it’s pointless paying a monthly ongoing fee for it. Also if you’re not very good with paying bills then a monthly plan probably isn’t going to be ideal for you either. In these cases a PAYG phone may be just the ticket for you – apart from buying the phone, your only cost is topping up the credit whenever you get low. Many mobile phone companies these days encourage you to top up regularly in return for incentives such as additional minutes or free texts, but even then it is often only a minimum top up of £10 per month in order to qualify for all of the benefits on offer. Check with the mobile phone company you are looking at to see what offers are on the table for your PAYG business.

PAYG also means you can often choose whatever phone you like, as long as it is unlocked to your chosen network you should have the freedom of using whatever phone – new or old – that you like. Meaning very often you can even use your old phone without needing to buy a new one.

If you are a more heavy user of your mobile phone and love to send hundreds of texts and make lots of phones calls to your friends (or for business purposes) each month then very often a monthly contract phone may better serve your needs.

In return for £20 - £50 per month you can get a variety of plans that are created to meet your personal requirements. Some have more inclusive texts, other plans have more inclusive minutes for added talk-time. Either way, there will no doubt be a plan to best suit your needs.

The monthly cost depends on a variety of things, namely the number of inclusive texts and minutes, but more recently now also the amount of bandwidth for mobile internet usage. Some phone companies have even started offering unlimited internet usage in return for a slightly higher monthly fee – this is ideal if you listen to lots of internet music through your phone, or download lots of files through various applications or via your emails.

If you go on a monthly plan, you typically need to sign up for anywhere between 12 months and 24 months, typically the longer you sign up for, the better the phone you can get for free as part of the plan, or if it is a brand new release such as an iphone, then the longer you sign up for the cheaper the phone becomes (normally you have to buy the phone, or contribute towards it). Be careful though – many phones date quickly so you don’t want to be left with a phone that is no longer meeting your requirements 18 months into a 24 month contract and find yourself needing to pay out for a new phone at retail price.

Compare some of the best mobile phone deals currently online at the above websites and find the best mobile deal for you today. Compare online contract phones instantly here.